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Katimavik, 25th Anniversary, National Event
Lorrex description and notes for the National Event. This is NOT the official Katimavik page.
Date: 2002-8-10
Alumni and Former Participants Directroy - Katimavik
Planning on attending a Katimavik Reunion? Find old friends in this alumni and former particpants directory that you can invite to join you.
Date: 2002-8-10
25e Anniversaire de Katimavik, Événement Quebec
quleques mots du DR du Québec
Date: 2002-8-10
from Katimavik.org
Date: 2002-8-10
du Katimavik.org
Date: 2002-8-10
Célébrations du 25e anniversaire, événement national
Du 1er au 3 novembre 2002, Région de la Capitale Nationale (RCN) Programmation préliminaire
Date: 2002-8-10
Group Hug, Quebec City
All those who can make it, at Café Metaxa,on Soumande in Vanier(Quebec city). Let me know if you join us, just to make sure we have a big enough section. It'll be for Saturday, March 15th at 13h00. Bring photos, letters, or any other souvenirs.:P If you go on any other Katimavik sites, pass on the news.
Date: 2003-2-26
Katimavik 25 Year Anniversary Celebrations - National Event
From November 1-3, 2002, National Capital Region (Ottawa/Gatineau) Preliminary Program
Date: 2002-8-10
Katimavik, 25th Anniversary, Atlantic Reunion Event
A description of the Atlantic celebration for the 25th Anniversary of Katimavik that was held in Bridgewater on June 21 - 23
Date: 2002-8-12
Katimavik, 25th Anniversary, Ontario Event
A short description of the Ontario celebration for the 25th Anniversary of Katimavik that was held in Belleville on May 1, 2002
Date: 2002-8-10

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