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In this Directory you will find sites that relate to or are about Katimavik. There are many sites listed that have personal reflections on the Katimavik Experience. Whether you are thinking about applying to Katimavik or you are a former participant, I encourage you to read some of the personal sites.

Katimavik Anniversary and Reunion Directory
This is a directory of local, regional and national Katimavik Reunions and get togethers. The list is NOT limited to official Katimavik events.
Date: 2002-8-10 | Hits: 329
CJ's Katimavik Journal
It's one person's personal experience of katimavik, the good, the bad and the rest.
Date: 2002-3-6 | Hits: 469
Canada World Youth - Jeunesse Canada Monde
Like Katimavik only global.
Date: 2002-2-10 | Hits: 211
Ceit's Ravings
Way cool looking site and some of the Ravings are even about Ceit's Katimavik experience.
Date: 2002-8-10 | Hits: 188
Grant's Katimavik Memories
Pictures from Grant's Katimavik Experience.
Date: 2002-8-10 | Hits: 314
Group 101, 1985-1986
Links to personal reflections and pictures from Katimavik Group 101. This group had rotations in these find Canadian cities: Richmond BC, Calgary AB, Gatineau PQ.
Date: 2002-8-10 | Hits: 148
Group Site from 2001
This group was in Quesnel BC, Wiarton ON, Shippagan NB. Site is complied by Charles Gilbert-Hamel
Date: 2002-8-11 | Hits: 170
The official website for the Katimavik Group 21001, AKA Katima-Bananas.
Date: 2002-6-14 | Hits: 216
Katimavik - Ontario
Basic Info for Ontario's Regional Office.
Date: 2002-2-12 | Hits: 247
Katimavik 1983 - Group22
Katimavik June 1, 1983 to Febuary 28, 1984 Group 22 Phase 1
Date: 2002-3-1 | Hits: 268
Katimavik Alumni
Alumni Association Manifesto. Does NOT have a list of alumni.
Date: 2002-8-6 | Hits: 417
Katimavik Dinos
Salut! Si vous êtes des anciens participants et que ca vous dit de placotter Katimavik, vous etes au bon endroit pour le faire!
Date: 2002-7-28 | Hits: 201
Katimavik It's for You!
Great first person account of time in Katimavik.
Date: 2002-2-23 | Hits: 273
Katimavik Main Site
This is the main site for Katimavik.
Date: 2002-2-10 | Hits: 471
Katimavik Project 1997
A nice note from an appreciative community.
Date: 2002-2-23 | Hits: 229
Katimavik antiques '79-'80 scratching the surface.
Katimavik tribute page. A pictorial glimpse of a very special 9 month event that happened about 19 years ago.
Date: 2002-4-11 | Hits: 374
Katimavik meeting place
Welcome to our user friendly site! the logo above is intended to represent the past (old logo) and the recent (new logo). NOTE: Chats every Wed. night at 9pm EST from now on till further notice. Please mention the year of your participation in the program and where you went when you join this club. You can list this info in in the 'comment' section of your membership profile (in the 'contacts' section of this site). This will make our membership list into a way to find old group buddie
Date: 2002-2-11 | Hits: 456
Excellent description of a group in the community.
Date: 2002-2-23 | Hits: 229
KatimavikNiagara - Regional contacts and meetings
This groups was started to link local participants, alumni, leaders, and anyone else who's life has been touched by one of the best things our country has done for us.
Date: 2002-8-6 | Hits: 146
Living Katima-Loca
Thirty weeks with Canada's youth volunteer corps by Emmet Matheson, the Carillon
Date: 2002-8-10 | Hits: 152
Site Katimavik de Stéphane Luce
i vous êtes un ancien ou un futur participant Katimavik, visiter ce site et abonner vous à la liste de diffusion Katimavik.If you are an ex participant or a futur participant of the Katimavik program, visit this site and subscribe to the Katimavike Mailing list.
Date: 2002-11-16 | Hits: 125
The Katimavik Leftovers
A group from 2001 with rotations in Val-Morin, Québec, Smithers, British Columbia, Ottawa, Ontario.
Date: 2002-8-11 | Hits: 373
Travelogue for a group in 1999-2000
Cornwallis, Nova Scotia -- Kingston, Ontario -- Donnacona, Quebec. Rotation, work projects and participant descriptions.
Date: 2002-10-5 | Hits: 156
Yahoo! Groups : katimavik
Cette liste est pour ceux et celles qui ont participé à Katimavik. Elle a pour but de retrouver ceux qu'on a perdu de vue, et aussi de créer de nouveaux liens et de parler de nos expériences. Venez nombreux! This list is for everyone that has participated to Katimavik. It's goal is to find the ones we lost sight and also to create new friendships and talk about the past experiences .
Date: 2002-2-10 | Hits: 386
Yahoo! Groups : katimavik
Yahoo! Groups - Free, easy email groups
Date: 2002-2-23 | Hits: 357

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